Our mission is to empower teens to make healthy decisions about sexuality and relationships through peer education.

Why Peer Education?


We Know It Works!

Research shows that peer educators make a lasting impact in their communities. When students see a peer presenting about social situations and pressures with confidence and knowledge, they listen. We empower teens who educate their peers. This creates positive change in their communities!

Teen Council programs around the country are making powerful impacts in the lives of the teens they serve and their communities.

Teen council members…

  • Use the most effective methods of contraception compared to peers
  • See health providers more often for preventative healthcare
  • Are more comfortable refusing unwanted intimate activities

Friends of Teen Council members…

  • Are more likely to use protection because of what they learned from their Teen Council friends
  • Learned where to access resources and contraception
  • Are more comfortable with discussing sex/sexuality because of their Teen Council friends

Recipients of Teen Council presentations…

  • View Teen Council members as non-judgmental and knowledgeable resources
  • Are likely to go to a Teen Council member with questions about sexual health

“We have had our own youth advocacy program for a few years, and decided to implement Teen Council because we are tired of reinventing the wheel! Working with PEI has provided us with access to 20 years-worth of experience, materials, and support to start our own successful program. Our teens also love knowing that they are becoming part of a bigger national program and hearing about the work of other TC groups.”

–Kendall Dodd, Community Educator, Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood

What do Teen Council members do?

In addition to fun weekly meetings, teens facilitate classroom lessons and get involved with causes that are important to their lives.



  • Learn about contraception, reproductive health, and relationships
  • Learn presentation skills, communication, teaching, leadership
  • Present to peers in classrooms and in their communities

Advocacy & Awareness Building

  • Participate in Teen Lobby Day
  • Promote cause campaigns in their school (anti-bullying month, domestic violence awareness)

Topics that teens present include:

  • STDs/HIV
  • Birth Control Methods
  • Consent
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Dating Violence Awareness
  • Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

Where is Teen Council?

Teen Councils are sprouting up everywhere! We currently have a number of Teen Council sites all around the country, and we’re always adding more.

How to get started implementing Teen Council where you live…

Teen Council is a Planned Parenthood program that is offered to youth-serving organizations. Our Teen Council partners that sign up for the program receive:


  • A comprehensive guide on how to set up your Teen Council
  • Complete lesson plans
  • A 3-day in-person training to become a certified Teen Council facilitator
  • Regular webinars and trainings throughout the year
  • Access to our online portal with downloadable resources
  • Access to fundraising and marketing materials
  • Regular support to set you up for success!

PEI is currently in year two of a three year evaluation of the Teen Council program, and we’ve had really promising results.

How to fund your Teen Council program

We want to see you succeed! That’s why we offer support, guidance, and materials to help you secure funding for your next local Teen Council program.

  • Funding and grants are available! Contact us below to get free resources, guidance, and forms to procure funding for Teen Council programs in your area
  • We can also help guide you in creative ways to secure private donations
  • Several of our Teen Council partners have already received grants to fund their Teen Council programs



“PEI is an incredible resource for anyone looking at implementing a Teen Council. From the very beginning I received so much valuable information about the program, including sample grant proposals, to help me with the first steps of securing funding. Sarah and the other PEI staff have been incredibly responsive and helpful. They have done an amazing job of pulling together decades of experience with Teen Council into a well-organized and replicable model to share with the rest of us. I am so impressed and grateful.”

–Tracy Dahlstedt, Education Manager, Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood

Contact Us

Download a FREE Teen Council lesson plan & information packet

Interested in learning more about how Teen Council works? Fill out the contact form below to download our free program guide introduction, complete with a sample lesson plan and more information.

Contact: Sarah Sutherland, PEI Manager

For all other inquiries or to sign up for the Teen Council program, email Sarah Sutherland at pei@ppgnhi.org to get started.


“PEI has been our go to resource for everything from soup to nuts. We started Teen Council in 2011-2012 and are growing in numbers and reach in year two. We literally could not have done it without the expert TA, training curriculum to use with the peer health educators and last but not least the training for our facilitators.

As a manager I rely on the wisdom, guidance and experience of PEI on a regular basis. This program has quickly become a favorite of our entire Administration staff and board as well as the teens and their families. Teachers are grateful for our ability to relate to their students via the teaching of the Teen Council members.”

–Annabel Sheinberg, Director of Education, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah